The Mission Statement of the Veterans Club Racing Association ( V.C.R.A. ) is to empower all Veterans (focusing on Combat Veterans) with the healing power and camaraderie of the Motorsports Community. Since WW1 we have used Motorsports as way to gather as a community. Unfortunately, Since Vietnam we have turned a blind eye to our “Warfighters“.

We no longer have a space, or community gathering at events to encourage “Groups“ of Veterans meeting in one location; with beneficially therapeutic services provided; or to create the “Group Therapy“ effect that happens organically when you get a big group of Veterans together with a focused cause intently for them, not ran by, or overrun with civilians at events.

This Initiative and related programs are to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible to achieve through “Post Traumatic Growth“; when you create not only an environment, but also a community that can foster growth through the camaraderie created in that environment.

Veterans from all walks of life understand that the camaraderie of service was the glue that held us together, but it was the “Mission“ that is the Tie that Binds. It was the catalyst to strengthen the glue when things got hard, it encouraged you to look to your left and right, to remind yourself why you’re doing this, and whom it’s for.

Saving the lives of Veterans and empowering their families through Motorsports is the “Mission“, Camaraderie is the “Glue”, and Motorsports is the “Tie That Binds“.

We are seeking Automotive Manufacturers with race programs, and Raceways / Speedways offering resources to help bring this to reality as we can only achieve this positive impact by working together. We have a long term vision for our Sponsors and Partnerships to have the network and assets to make an impact on the Local, National and International level to include all NATO forces involved in the “Global War on Terrorism“.

We lose up to 30 Veterans a day. It’s time for change. I have a firm belief that Motorsports and its vibrant communities can be that driving force to create an outlet, and the awareness needed to promote truly impactful, long-term change in people’s lives.

~ Steadfast & Loyal ~ Ready & Forward ~

Chris Cavallo