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FireBase Smithfield ” V.FW. Post 8545 ” – New Show on Callin Social PodCast App

(Cavallo Creations) FireBase is a new initiative I’m starting with the my local VFW post in Smithfield, Virginia. Post 8545 is a key post in the district and region which is now in the cross hairs of a local developer as he has purchased the land including the building.

The VFW as a whole is in dire need to new relatable engagements and facilities to truly get the current conflict guys involved. We lose nearly 30 Veterans a day to suicide due to lack of outlets to promote Growth and Progression through services to the community or services for personal growth. The ” War ” may be over for the politicians and the rest of the country but our war is just starting!!! This is will be the documentation of my journey to start the new FireBase initiative within the VFW.

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We need to get these young warfighter involved like they want to be, we aren’t only losing the new ” Greatest Generation ” but also the stories of courage and selfless service that the world need to hear with each life lost. Once the past ” Greatest Generation ” is gone and if the current can’t live long enough to take up the reigns the VFW will lose the power it has established in changing Political Policies for Warfighters.

~ Steadfast & loyal ~

Listen to the First Episode called “Current State Of The V.F.W. Other VSO’s & Non-profit Corruption In The Veteran Community” by clicking the links or image below.

~Fiddlers Green Canteen~ #1 We will be discussing the topics of corruption ,greed and scam artists in the VSO ( Veterans non profit organizations) and as a whole in the non-profit sector. We will cover the current state of the V.F.W. ( Veterans of Foregin Wars ) other VSO’s like the WWP ( Wounded Warrior Project ) American Legion. Traditional VSO’ have a hard time recruiting new members and Veteran Suicide is on the rise. What can be done? There must be change!

Jul 27, 2022 • 6 hr 7 min